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  • Days of Autumn

    Today was one of those days… freezing rain in the morning, and pissing windy rain all day.
    It just dawned on me that we have just a month left of autumn – it’s been a cold yet wonderful autumn

    A month more of these wonderful colourful days of autumn…… Continue Reading...

  • Hotties of Pride

    So basically I took too many pictures at Pride, 383 to be exact.
    I edited them down to 174, it’s still a lot but manageable.
    I can’t post them all at once, and you probably don’t want to see them all.
    I culled ten from the lot, I call this … Continue Reading...

  • Ten Random Pictures: The ‘Hood

    Summer starts on Monday, and for the first time in a long time it felt like a summer day today.
    The past couple of weeks have been hard on us; summer’s taken its sweet time getting here.
    Here are ten random pictures, all from around here – taken a year … Continue Reading...