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  • The Aftermath

    I woke up this morning a little jaded, and so very disenchanted with this city.
    I love Vancouver, I always have; there’s just something special and dreamy about the city that sucks you in, despite its issues there’s no other place I’d rather live.
    I always believed the people are … Continue Reading...

  • Vancouver Riots 2011

    I think it was a saddened reporter on tv who said, Vancouver lost more than a hockey game tonight.
    I sat in front of the tv tonight in my fairly quiet West End neighbourhood downtown and watched shocked as rioters tried to set the city ablaze, loot stores and destroy … Continue Reading...

  • Tomorrow…



    The Olympics begin tomorrow.

    Sumi Miga Quatchi - 2010 Olympics Mascot

    It’s a little surreal, for as long as I’ve lived here it’s been the great imminent event that has eclipsed almost everything else.

    I went for a little walk this afternoon during lunch and the city was abuzz with activity.

    It’s like our population doubled … Continue Reading...

  • The Games Are Coming

    2010 Olympic Rings

    There’s an old Akan adage, which I’ll paraphrase as thus “You don’t rush out to meet with festivities that’s coming to your house”.

    It’s intended to encourage patience, patience for those things that’ll eventually come to us.

    Vancouver 2010 countdown clock 1

    I was oddly reminded of that saying the first time I saw the … Continue Reading...