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  • Blood Orange Poppy Seed Muffins

    These muffins are inspired by the much loved lemon poppy seed bread. It’s citrusy, thanks to the addition of the orange zest and has a delightful crunch from poppy seeds.

  • Almond Linzer Cookies

    The cookies are tender and crumbly with that slight nutty taste you get from baking with almond flour, and there’s just enough sweetness from the jam – use whatever flavour of jam or preserve you prefer.

  • Roasted Vegetables Pasta

    I think it bears repeating that I love the romance of love, it often times makes me wish I could…

  • Sweet Buttery Beet Rolls

    Being a romantic at heart, I secretly like Valentine’s Day. I love the concept and romance of the day, though…

  • Winter’s Sunshine

      “Spring is coming!” the old woman at the market tells me. She inches closer and I smile in agreement;…