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The Breast Cancer Chronicles

  • …Of What We Used To Be

    I’m subscribed to a photo service that twice a month, emails me a selection of interesting pictures I took years ago.
    It’s brilliant! My old photos are new again and the memories along with them are incredible.
    Most of my pictures from two years ago are full of my bento Continue Reading...

  • Hair Grows Back

    Mom's Hair

    “Hair grows back” is what my mom’s oncologist said that day we met to discuss treatment options.

    This was after he’d detailed the side effects of her treatment ad nauseam (pun intended). I thought that was such an awkward thing to say in light of the situation. He’d just explained … Continue Reading...

  • The Surgery, An Update

    It’s been two weeks since my mom’s surgery and I’m pleased to report that things are moving along smoothly.

    Although we went over the process a million times, I still wasn’t sure that what was expected was what was going to happen. We were scared but managed to put on … Continue Reading...