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  • Whole Wheat Crescent Rolls

    Whole Wheat Crescent Rolls

    Whole Wheat Crescent Rolls

    There’s this quote I love and think about whenever I’m making bread. I found it on the back on a book, as part of its blurb; it said, “bread rises, pain fades, the heart heals, and the future beckons.” I thought about that quote again recently when friend told … Continue Reading...

  • Tea in New York, Maison Kayser

    Maison Kayser

    The last few years has seen a spate of French bakeries in our little Pacific Northwest city, and it’s been fun exploring them.
    A few have successfully gone on to open second locations, and I recently saw a sign for a third and possibly fourth location for one of my … Continue Reading...

  • Tea and Chickpea Cakes

    Tea and Chickpea Cakes Tea and Chickpea Cakes

    I think it was my dad who helped nurture my love for tea, and although it took me years to become a ‘real tea drinker’, I always had a revering fascination with tea.

    My dad spoke wistfully of tea back when we couldn’t afford it, and when we could, he … Continue Reading...

  • Sunday Breakfast: Tea and Speculoos Cake

    Bonne Maman Speculoos Cake

    I love Sundays; it’s my favourite day of the week, my pace slows down considerably and life suddenly becomes unhurried.
    It’s the only day that is truly mine, to do with as I wish…. no obligations, work or errands to run.

    Sundays are about leisurely languid activities – like sleep-ins … Continue Reading...