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  • Breakfast – Mother’s Day

    Breakfast - Mother's Day

    My favourite childhood memories are of my mom making us breakfast; fermented corn-dough porridge (koko), thick creamy oatmeal, fried egg sandwiches with hot cocoa and crepe-like pancakes on special occasions.

    Food has always been an integral part of our family; from when we struggled to grow enough to … Continue Reading...

  • Breakfast: Millet Puffs


    I love the stillness of weekend mornings, especially under winter’s calm grey skies when it’s so quiet and so peaceful, and the world is still for a moment.

    I had quiet and tranquil mornings this weekend, a nice pace from the high of the holidays, and in keeping with the … Continue Reading...

  • Lemon Cornmeal Waffles

    Lemon Cornmeal Waffles

    So this summer I bought a little waffle maker intent on making a ton of waffles.
    You see, I owned a waffle maker previously; it just sat there taking up space, and produced not a single waffle until I gave it away one day.

    I went into my second waffle … Continue Reading...

  • Crunchy Speculoos Toast

    Crunchy Speculoos Toast

    I have a sweet tooth; I think it’s primarily why I’m so enamoured with breakfast foods – as they tend to be on the sweeter side. It’s the only meal of the day with this many sweet choices; muffins, pastries, pancakes, cereal, porridges, jams, syrups and chocolate spreads, etc., any … Continue Reading...