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  • Rice, Hummus, Peas and Lettuce

    Rice, Hummus, Peas and Lettuce

    Rice, Hummus, Peas and Lettuce

    I haven’t really been cooking (or keeping up with the blog) the way I want to, and this is partly because spring hasn’t been kind to me. I’ve been dealing with bouts of seasonal allergies all season long, actually. I started having breathing issues back in April and developed allergy … Continue Reading...

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival




    If you’ve lived in this region for a while, you’re probably in one of two camps when it comes to tulip festivals.
    You either went to a tulip festival several years ago or you’ve been meaning to go for years.

    I used to be in the ‘been-meaning-go’ camp until two … Continue Reading...

  • Cherry Blossoms

    I don’t remember last year’s cherry blossoms, somehow I missed them; I was either too busy to notice them or perhaps I didn’t look around often enough.
    I don’t have a single picture of cherry blossoms from last year, that just mystifies me.


    Cherry Blossoms Soft

    This year though, I can’t seem to … Continue Reading...

  • Springing Along

    I forget how cruel spring is usually to me in the beginning.
    Being allergic to tree pollen, and living within this blooming lush colourful ‘jungle’ of pollen-producing trees is a little like paradise turning hellish – but just a little.
    Thankfully I don’t have to endure this forever, just a … Continue Reading...