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  • Lentils and Vegetables Soup


    For lunch a few weeks ago, we found a little trendy cafe on a busy pedestrian street in Luxembourg City, close to the centre. It was a quiet convivial space, just us, another guest, with a few staff milling about.
    We had the mushroom ravioli with creamy tomato basil … Continue Reading...

  • Curried Carrot and Coconut Soup


    I wish I had a more sophisticated palate, sadly, I don’t think my palate developed beyond that of a ten-year-old’s.
    I wish I was more open to all the wonderful varied food out there, yet there are so many things I just can’t bring myself to like – such
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  • Curious Product: Knorr Minestrone con Pasta

    It’s been a very busy week for me; I’m trying to cram a month’s worth of work into two weeks.

    I‘ve been going to work at 8AM everyday this week; my co-worker looked at me suspiciously yesterday and asked; “Seriously, what’s going on with you?”

    Preparing to go on vacation … Continue Reading...