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  • Sweet Creamed Corn

    Creamy Corn

    Some day when I can come up with the right words, I’ll explain just how much I love snowshoeing.
    I woke up this morning to gloomy rain, wanting to leave it behind, I decided to go snowshoeing; the first time this season.
    It was snowing and windy with low … Continue Reading...

  • Mango Glazed Cake

    Mango Cake

    Most people who know me (and I’m not talking about my 600 friends on facebook!) know that I’m a bit of a wallflower.
    Well, maybe a lot.
    It took me a little while to accept this, but it turns out I don’t mind being a loner.
    I wouldn’t know … Continue Reading...

  • Of Sons and Cornbread

    172/365 Wednesday Night Dinner #mostly365

    One of my favourite shows on television right now is Sons of Anarchy, a gritty drama about a close-knit motorcycle club from northern California.
    On the surface, SOA is a show about criminals committing crimes and getting away with it, but underneath the brutality and renegade motorcycle-club culture are … Continue Reading...

  • Rooibos Tea Espresso

    Tea Espresso & Biscuits

    Although I like to pretend that I am, I’m not really a tea drinker.
    It took me a while to accept this about myself; it’s not that I hate tea – I don’t, I just can’t seem to incorporate the ritual of tea-drinking into my daily routine.
    I like the … Continue Reading...

  • Apple Cake

    Apple Cake - Baked

    I buy most of the fruit my household consumes, and although we profess to love fruit and I buy our fruit based on this assumption; the truth is we don’t eat as much fruit as we should.
    This tweet made me laugh, because my lifetime ratio of bananas purchased to … Continue Reading...