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  • Rebound

    “Life carries my love into the ocean that swallows everything good”.

    Tue 8 Jun - 7

    Tue 8 Jun - 4 Tue 8 Jun - 3

    Tue 8 Jun - 6

    I stepped outside into the world again for the first time in days.
    I was disappointed to find out that Mieka the cat still hadn’t been found.
    Other than that it looks like the world did fine without me.… Continue Reading...

  • Friday Unusual

    Today should have been a great day, and there’s still potential for redemption but there’s just too much going on right now.

    Wed 5 May - 9

    My co-worker and desk-neighbour is quitting, today’s our last day together as workmates – I’m a little sad, because we’ve had some good times together, and I lived … Continue Reading...

  • Busy Bee

    Here’s a post about being busy and pictures that have nothing to do with being busy; just go with it.

    Thu 6 May - 7 Thu 6 May - 4

    If I told you how busy I really am, you’d probably think I was exaggerating.
    I’ve been so preoccupied with work; I dream about work when I’m asleep.
    I dreamt … Continue Reading...

  • Skirts

    These final days of summer are filled with absolutely perfect sunny days.
    Looks like we’re in for another amazing weekend, I like!

    Thu 13 May - 4 Thu 13 May - 2

    This is a remix.
    I was going to have this skirt shortened, the length felt a little off to me, I didn’t like the way it fell … Continue Reading...

  • Day of the Blue Skirt

    Thu 29 Apr - 5 Thu 29 Apr - 4

    Thu 29 Apr - 2 Thu 29 Apr - 7

    Thu 29 Apr - 6 Thu 29 Apr - 3

    It’s been a super busy week for me.
    A strange thing happens whenever I wear this skirt; I get extremely busy.
    It’s almost like it’s jinxed.
    I’m certainly glad the weekend’s almost here, tomorrow’s going to be the busiest of all.
    wish me luck…. here’s hope for a great weekend … Continue Reading...