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  • Lazy Weekends

    It’s going to be a quiet and hopefully sunshine-filled weekend for me.
    Everyone around me is sick and I feel like I’m coming down with something.
    I don’t have the dreaded scratchy throat yet, but I’ve had a few unusual sneezes.
    And I’m tired, but that’s probably from lack of … Continue Reading...

  • Rebound

    “Life carries my love into the ocean that swallows everything good”.

    Tue 8 Jun - 7

    Tue 8 Jun - 4 Tue 8 Jun - 3

    Tue 8 Jun - 6

    I stepped outside into the world again for the first time in days.
    I was disappointed to find out that Mieka the cat still hadn’t been found.
    Other than that it looks like the world did fine without me.… Continue Reading...

  • Days Off

    I’ve been off sick from work for the past two days.
    I’ve been spending my time in bed, with a cough and general malaise.
    Being sick sucks, but the good thing is; I’m all caught up on my daytime soaps.
    On the extra sad news front, I think my mom … Continue Reading...

  • Sick Day Two

    Wed 10 Feb - 8 Wed 10 Feb - 7

    I think I’m getting better, that’s what I keep mumbling to myself.

    I’m trying the “fake it till you make it” technique.

    My mom asked me this morning if I’d consider cancelling my trip, she’s such a kidder!

    Seriously, it’s not like I’m dying, I have a cold!

    The sneezing … Continue Reading...

  • The Common Cold

    I’m sick!

    I have a cold; runny nose, sneezing and an inexplicable swollen face… I’m not a pretty site.

    For a while now I thought I’d become immune to colds – save for seasonal allergy symptoms, I haven’t had a good proper cold in years.

    I slept in the morning … Continue Reading...