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  • Savoury Lentil Pie

    Lentil and Vegetable Pie

    Lentil and Vegetable Pie

    Lentil and Vegetable Pie

    Just a few more days to Christmas and all is calm on the preparation front. We’re opting once again for a quieter relaxed holiday. It’ll be a small gathering with friends in Surrey on Christmas day. Two weeks ago we pre-ordered a bûche de noel that we’ll pick up on … Continue Reading...

  • Savoury Hand Pies


    In Ghana, as with many other countries, savoury hand pies are generally called meat pies.
    Our ‘meat pie’, similar to the Jamaican beef patty is a popular snack found everywhere in Ghana – from fancy restaurants, on the side of dusty country roads to busy bus stations and chaotic … Continue Reading...