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  • Colourful Lentil Salad


    We’re in the final stretch of winter.
    The signs are there in spite of Mother Nature’s tantrums – spring is coming!
    I’ll be glad to see this winter go; it hasn’t been a particularly great winter for me.
    It’s not that it got too cold, on the contrary, I … Continue Reading...

  • Coleslaw Sandwich

    290/365 Coleslaw Sandwich #mostly365

    Ahh… the coleslaw sandwich, I used to think I invented it.
    It’s another one of my quick weeknight meals; I do this mostly on Mondays, because that’s when I try to do the least work for my dinner.
    I know it’s a little unconventional having a lunch item for
    Continue Reading...

  • Black-Eyed Peas for New Year’s


    I’m not particularly superstitious, but the southern tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s for luck and prosperity has always intrigued me.
    I know some cultures also eat lentils at the start of a new year because its coin-like shape symbolizes fortunes.
    I don’t remember any New Year … Continue Reading...

  • Arugula, Apple & Walnuts Salad

    253/365 Dinner - Arugula with Apple & Walnuts #mostly365

    I don’t do well with chaos and transitions; but that’s exactly what I’ve had to contend with these past couple of days.
    See, the bathroom is being renovated; this needed to happen, but I wasn’t prepared the mess and upheaval that came with the process.
    I thought about checking … Continue Reading...