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  • Spiced Rice and Beans

    Spiced Rice and Beans

    I’ve probably made about a million variations of rice and beans, it’s an easy meal to throw together at a moment’s notice, especially if you have some plain rice and beans cooked already.

    I thought about this spiced rice and beans on a long exhausting ride home on one … Continue Reading...

  • Baked Jollof Rice


    I think I’ve mentioned my slight obsession with making the ‘perfect’ pot of jollof rice before, of how I want to make jollof that tastes just like my mom’s and how I’ve come up short so far.
    I chide myself sometimes for wanting this; I try to convince myself … Continue Reading...

  • Veggie Fried Rice

    Sunday Night

    Sometimes the best meals are the ones you just throw together, totally unplanned.
    I’m one of those people who plan everything; I actually enjoy planning meals but there are those days when I convince myself that I have absolutely nothing to eat.
    I’m probably not the only one who … Continue Reading...

  • Four Rice Medley with Lentils

    Rice Medley w/ Beluga Lentils

    I love rice!
    I would eat rice everyday if they’d let me.
    But let’s face it plain (white) rice is sometimes… just bland.
    Lately I’ve been incorporating other nutrient rich varieties of rice into my diet.
    I initially tried it as an experiment; cooking different kinds of rice together, and … Continue Reading...