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  • Christmas and a Jollof Rice Recipe

    Jollof Rice

    Christmas 2015 Christmas 2015

    Jollof Rice

    This is a little story about how we spent our Christmas and a jollof rice recipe.

    We didn’t really plan for a Christmas dinner this year. Well, we sort of had a conversation about a menu months ago but couldn’t remember because we forgot to write it down.

    A week … Continue Reading...

  • Quick and Easy Fried Rice

    Quick and Easy Fried Rice

    Things have been a little crazy around here, as these short weeks leading up to Christmas usually is.

    Dinners are rushed affairs these days, I’m not exactly certain what I’ve been running around doing but I can’t seem to bring myself to make proper meals anymore.
    This is not to … Continue Reading...

  • Rice, Peas, Mint and Raisins

    Rice, Peas, Mint and Raisins

    This week, while our friends in the northeast were battening down hatches and contending with a ‘historic snowstorm,’ spring came to us here in the northwest.
    This isn’t to rub it in; we’re not revelling in these spring-like temperatures yet. It’s nice, but it feels a little off – the … Continue Reading...