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  • Balsamic Roasted Root Vegetables


    This balsamic roasted root vegetables is one of the easiest dinners to make on weekday nights.
    It requires little effort and it’s a nice way to use up any extra potatoes and other vegetables you have on hand that may otherwise go to waste.
    In this instance, it’s potatoes from … Continue Reading...

  • Roasted Potatoes, Beets and Kale

    Roasted Potatoes,  Beets & Kale

    Try as I may, I’m not always mindful of what I eat.
    In my ideal world, my diet is solely plant-based; eat an abundance of varied fresh fruits and vegetables, drink tons of water, and eschew sugar and empty calories.
    For extra health points, I’d do moderate exercise and sleep … Continue Reading...

  • Cubed Roasted Potatoes


    My first real job as an adult had one of those humongous workplace cafeterias ran by Sodexho, it had restaurant-style seating, huge windows and a patio overlooking a pond. I had breakfast there every morning, alternating between pancakes and hash.
    The hash was made to order; precooked potatoes with … Continue Reading...

  • Roasted Purple Potatoes


    Every year when purple potatoes start appearing at my local Whole Foods I buy them with a certain fervency that scares me a little. I’m never this passionate about anything!
    They appear unceremoniously over a brief period of time, and disappear just as quickly. If you blink you might
    Continue Reading...

  • Quick Meals: Bulgur, Roasted Corn & Fish

    Bulgur, Roasted Corn & Fish w/ Pesto

    I’m usually too tired to make anything elaborate for dinner when I get home on most weeknights.
    Yes, sometimes I end up eating cereal for dinner – on other nights, when I’m a little inspired; I search through my fridge and pantry and sometimes come up with an amazing dinner.… Continue Reading...