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  • Plantain and Beans

    Plantain and Beans

    Plantain and beans; it sounds so exotic now, almost foreign, yet it used to be my favourite food not too long ago.

    This beloved Ghanaian food of fried plantains and stewed beans holds a special place in my heart – sold by street vendors and a staple in homes, it’s … Continue Reading...

  • Baked Plantain Chips

    IMG_9619 IMG_9616

    Summer is underway, it’s a different summer this year, quiet and reflective.
    I’ve been putting off the mundane and my worries are melting away with the warm weather.
    There are some days so sweet and languorous; I never want to end…
    I haven’t been cooking much, I’ve been all … Continue Reading...

  • Savoury Plantain Muffins

    Savoury Plantain Muffins

    It started with a memory @adjoa has of my uncle Sammy and a baked plantain dish he used to make. I, of course, don’t remember; but I’ve heard this story so many times it’s now my memory too.
    Eyeing our fast ripening plantains one summer afternoon we started talking; what … Continue Reading...