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  • Spring Vegetable Flatbread Pizza

    Thin Crust Spring Pizza

    Thin Crust Spring Pizza

    Before we get into this spring vegetable flatbread pizza (which is delicious, by the way), let’s talk about the weather (because that’s what we do around here).
    Let’s talk about spring, and how we’re halfway in and yet it hasn’t really felt spring-like. It’s been mostly rain and gloom. … Continue Reading...

  • Herb Pesto Vegetable Pizza

    Herb Pesto Vegetable Pizza

    Herb Pesto Vegetable Pizza

    One thing I knew I was going to miss for sure when I gave up dairy was pizza. I didn’t want to give up gooey melted cheese on pizza; I just couldn’t imagine a lifetime of cheese-less pizza.
    In the years since I’ve been trying to eat a wholly plant-based … Continue Reading...

  • Chocolate Pizza

    Chocolate Pizza

    There are a few interesting stories to this chocolate pizza; two involve children, sort of – fitting since I’m pretty sure kids would love this sweet pizza.

    Both are cute stories, of how I came to own a box of colourful Dutch sprinkles and a gooey tub of chocolate spread … Continue Reading...