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  • The Beauty Of Winter

    A strange thing happened the other day.
    I went up the mountain on an incredibly beautiful winter day
    The air was very cold, the brightly shinning sun made the snow sparkle.
    I took about a thousand pictures, wanting to capture a perfect day forever.


    It was also very cold, and … Continue Reading...

  • Deer Lake

    This past summer we spent time at Deer Lake with my mom.
    My goal this summer was for my mom and I to do more things together.
    I feel that I don’t spend enough time with her.
    The trip to Deer Lake was a few days after my birthday.
    It … Continue Reading...

  • Cruising the Seine: A Pictorial Journey

    A Boat Tour!
    Everyone does it while on vacation in Paris.
    It’s the top recommendation from travel guides, websites, blogs and random strangers!
    On our second day in Paris, we walked from our little apartment in Le Marais feeling very much like locals.

    Musée d'Orsay

    A few metres on, our cameras come … Continue Reading...

  • Seattle By Train

    I have a bucket list of sorts. It’s very long, and I keep adding to it.
    I never cross anything off, unless I do it (or die – which ever comes first)
    Most of the things on my list are simple and achievable
    Some… not so much, like; ‘take a Continue Reading...