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  • Harissa Roasted Potato, Okra and Broccoli

    Roasted Potato, Okra and Broccoli

    Roasted Potato, Okra and Broccoli

    Sadly, the wonderful farm market where we get our fruits and vegetables is closed for winter. The good thing is, we don’t have to drive all the way down to Richmond anymore. Except I miss the drive a little; I miss finding quiet country roads that felt far away from … Continue Reading...

  • Black Beans and Okra


    I’ve been a little unwell lately, it started with a little tickle in my throat that turned into a cough, days later I’ve developed a cold or something like it.
    Whatever it is, I hope it passes soon, I don’t like feeling this way and I can’t seem to do … Continue Reading...

  • Roasted Potatoes, Okra and Broccoli


    I’m drawn to okra… there’s a certain pull (get it?). It’s a little strange, it’s not like I particularly liked okra when I was younger, yet these days I get them whenever I see them at the store.

    I think it might be because it reminds me of when … Continue Reading...

  • Lentils with Roasted Okra and Carrots


    I have this memory from childhood of walking with my father as a plane flew directly over us, and getting this prickly sensation, a restless feeling that I needed to be someplace else.
    I get this feeling every so often; the sound of a car passing at night invokes yearnings … Continue Reading...