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  • On Other Things

    I don’t have much planned for this weekend, except doing very important stuff around the house… like re-arranging my sock drawer.
    I would love to go to the Sunshine Coast, but it looks like rain is in the forecast – it wouldn’t feel much like the Sunshine Coast … Continue Reading...

  • Brown and Blue

    I got this blouse about five years ago when my clothes started feeling a little snug; it’s loose, roomy and forgiving.

    Fri 25 Jun - 5 Fri 25 Jun - 9
    These days I wear it just because it’s grown on me… and it’s still forgiving.

    Fri 25 Jun - 2 Fri 25 Jun - 8
    Either way, it’s become one of my go-to options when I absolutely ‘have nothing … Continue Reading...

  • The Last Nice Day

    I’m working on a theory that I would be a much more creative person in a place with more sunshine.
    We all know about sunshine and happiness; well, I think the link between sunshine and creativity needs to be explored.
    Sun 17 Oct - 2 Sun 17 Oct - 1
    The sun shone today for the first time in … Continue Reading...

  • The Overalls

    This summer I made a promise to my mother.
    I agreed to give away any clothes I hadn’t worn in over two years at the end of summer.
    It was just the kick I needed to sort through my shamefully exploding wardrobe.
    I feel like such a hypocrite for someone … Continue Reading...

  • How To Be Good

    I’ve been learning a bit more about myself in the past couple of weeks.
    It all started with the French lessons, who knew taking French lessons would somehow turn into a small journey into self-discovery.
    I guess you never know with these things, there’s a lesson in (almost) every deed.… Continue Reading...