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italian cookies

  • Tarallucci Cookies


    You already know that I have a thing for these Italian cookies, there’s something curiously appealing about them; probably because they’re foreign and that makes them seem exotic.
    I also feel I’m learning some Italian as I go along, unfortunately I doubt things like ‘zucchero’ and ‘farina di … Continue Reading...

  • Cookies with Yoghurt and Blueberries


    I left things too late this long weekend to make getaway plans, so I’m going to be hanging out in the city while the lucky ones are out on their camping trips, island getaways, and cross-border adventures.

    I’m not jealous; staying home isn’t all that bad especially when I … Continue Reading...

  • Milk and Bucaneve Cookies

    225/365 Milk & Cookies #mostly365

    Today I’m going to tell you about these adorable cookies I found at the Italian store, and my favourite way to snack on them.
    My friend D. told me about these cookies years ago, along with charming stories of the summers he spent in Italy with his grandmother… Continue Reading...