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  • Mini Strawberry Galette

    Mini Strawberry Galette

    Mini Strawberry Galette

    I hesitated to call these galettes because I felt they lacked the refinement of classic galettes. For one, I rolled my dough a tad thick, and I may have piled on the fruit too high.
    Are they some other kind of pie or tart? I don’t know, but I … Continue Reading...

  • Apple Hand Pies

    Apple Hand Pies

    We’re waiting with delicious anticipation for the start of summer fruit season here in BC.
    The season is short and sweet, just like the fruits but plentiful; luscious and fragrantly ripened fruits with vibrant colours; from delicate shades of peach, rich golden apricots to deep ruby hues of cherries.… Continue Reading...

  • Airplane Food


    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to bring my own food on long flights, it’s usually when I’m sky-high, being served something I absolutely hate that I kick myself for not just doing it.
    I assumed it was more trouble than it’s worth, and required the … Continue Reading...