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  • Travelogue | Paris from Notre-Dame Tower

    Paris Cityscape

    Notre-Dame Spire

    Views from Notre Dame Tower

    Paris from Notre Dame

    While editing these photos for the blog last month, I (along with the rest of the world) watched in horror as fire blazed through Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral. It seemed surreal, that the same majestic spire I’d angled my lens at a few months ago, was at that very moment toppling … Continue Reading...

  • Travelogue | Les Machines de l’île, Nantes

    Les Machines de l'île, Nantes

    Les Machines de l'île, Nantes

    Les Machines de l'île, Nantes

    Les Machines de l'île, Nantes

    Having been to Paris (and some other French cities) a couple of times, I occasionally get asked for advice and recommendations for visiting Paris. While most of these requests are for vegan/vegetarian restaurants (Gentle Gourmet, L’Abattoir Végétal, Hank Burger or Arpège if you really want to splurge), over the years, … Continue Reading...

  • Travelogue | A Day in Nantes, France

    Jardin des plantes de Nantes

    Wallace Fountain LU TOwer

    Le Grand Éléphant

    A few noteworthy incidents happened in Nantes that endeared the city to me.
    At the Abolition of Slavery Memorial, a stranger from Ghent and I cried hugging each other as her husband looked on uncomfortably. I blame my tears on not haven’t slept properly for three days.
    Also at the … Continue Reading...