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  • Device to Break up Monotony

    I’m using outfit posts to break up my New York posts.

    Thu 11 Feb - 3 Thu 11 Feb - 2

    I have about six related posts scheduled but I need pictures to make them pretty, and I’m gradually working on those.

    Besides I don’t want my every other sentence here to be about New York (or the iPad).

    I … Continue Reading...

  • DSquared2

    From the department of better late than never, comes these pictures from last month…


    During the Olympics last month, the Milan based designers DSquared made an appearance at Holt Renfrew to launch their special edition Olympics hoodie.

    The designer twins, Dean & Dan Caten originally from Canada also designed the … Continue Reading...

  • Spring

    Tue 2 Feb - 4 Tue 2 Feb - 6

    Spring is finally here and the days are getting longer.

    I’m looking forward to doing more outdoorsy stuff.

    And wearing more colourful prints.

    I went for a walk last Friday night; I just kept going and the next thing I knew I’d reached Science World.

    I haven’t done that in … Continue Reading...

  • Cold Purple

    Just when I thought spring was upon us, the weather went and turned super cold and frigid on us.

    This morning I saw cars driving around with heaps of snow on them!

    The cars looked like they were from a magical snow land far, far away from here.

    Fri 22 Jan - 7 Fri 22 Jan - 10

    And so … Continue Reading...