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  • Breakfast – Mother’s Day

    Breakfast - Mother's Day

    My favourite childhood memories are of my mom making us breakfast; fermented corn-dough porridge (koko), thick creamy oatmeal, fried egg sandwiches with hot cocoa and crepe-like pancakes on special occasions.

    Food has always been an integral part of our family; from when we struggled to grow enough to … Continue Reading...

  • A Sad Day

    There’s a practice in my culture where you’re not supposed to eat when a grandparent (and perhaps any close relative) dies. I think the reasoning is that being overcome by grief makes you lose your appetite.
    When I was a kid I used to think it was symbolic of … Continue Reading...

  • A Short Visit In Pictures

    Last weekend, my cousin visited briefly from San Francisco.
    And although the visit was kicked off with a medical emergency that involved a hurried drive to Seattle and back, we managed to make the most of our short time together.
    For a little while we played tourist in our little … Continue Reading...

  • A Brunch

    Brunch for Mom

    After weeks of trying to come up with the perfect gift for my mom for Mother’s Day last month, my siblings and I decided we’d make her brunch instead.
    And by ‘we’, I mean @adjoa – who is really the cook in the family, the rest of us are just … Continue Reading...

  • Breakfast Hominy

    Breakfast Ready

    Hominy porridge is a popular breakfast food in Ghana, and in Jamaica too, although it’s prepared slightly differently.
    Hominy is dried corn kernel that’s been processed to remove its hull and germ.
    The ancient traditional process, called nixtamalization keeps the corn from sprouting, hence extending its storage life for food.… Continue Reading...