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  • Plantain and Beans

    Plantain and Beans

    Plantain and beans; it sounds so exotic now, almost foreign, yet it used to be my favourite food not too long ago.

    This beloved Ghanaian food of fried plantains and stewed beans holds a special place in my heart – sold by street vendors and a staple in homes, it’s … Continue Reading...

  • Marcona Almond and Mint Pesto

    Marcona Almond and Mint Pesto

    We’ve had a couple of really, really wonderful sun-filled days; I think if I don’t document them somehow, it’ll feel like they never happened when I’m back to trudging through puddles in my rain boots a week from now.

    I’m talking tank-tops and flip-flop weather; it is as if we … Continue Reading...

  • Spiced Quinoa and Lentils

    Spiced Quinoa and Lentils

    I’ve been neglecting this space lately, not giving it the attention it so deserves. The funny thing is, I’ve been cooking and rediscovering food and photography with renewed fervency, I just can’t seem to translate the passion on to this spot.

    I have so many stories and discoveries to share … Continue Reading...