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  • Travelogue | London Sky Garden

    London Sky Garden

    London Sky Garden

    London Sky Garden

    London Sky Garden

    I’m having a summer! This is my new mantra and the only explanation for the lack of posts lately. Whenever I feel guilty for not blogging, I repeat this to myself.
    Save for work and the occasional peek, I haven’t been spending a lot of time in front of the … Continue Reading...

  • Travelogue | A Day in Nantes, France

    Jardin des plantes de Nantes

    Wallace Fountain LU TOwer

    Le Grand Éléphant

    A few noteworthy incidents happened in Nantes that endeared the city to me.
    At the Abolition of Slavery Memorial, a stranger from Ghent and I cried hugging each other as her husband looked on uncomfortably. I blame my tears on not haven’t slept properly for three days.
    Also at the … Continue Reading...

  • Notes on Cologne

    Hauptbahnhof - Cologne
    Cologne Central Station – Köln Hauptbahnhof

    When visiting a city or town for the first time, I typically ask someone who lives or has been there for recommendations. For Cologne, I asked my friend A’s dad who lived there as a boy and goes back often, and he said, the Continue Reading...

  • Geneva for a Day


    There’s this story in my family about how my dad for whatever reason turned down a posting to Geneva.
    The next post he accepted was to Freetown, to which my mom said, “It’s not Geneva, but it will do”

    For my mom and to some extent us, Geneva in … Continue Reading...