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  • The Last Days Of Boots

    Tue 22 Mar - 1 Tue 22 Mar - 2
    Outfit Details: Plaid Dress – Zara | Blouse – Gap | Tights – DIM | Boots – Feet First
    I think we’ve all had one of those days; you’re getting ready for work in the morning… rushing out, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and pause, something … Continue Reading...

  • White & Blue

    I had plans this week; I was going to take a lot of pictures outdoors – of cherry blossoms, blue skies and brilliant architecture.
    I should have checked the weather forecast, it’s been raining so far, but not in a dreary and depressing way.
    It a comforting kind of … Continue Reading...

  • Spring Has Sprung

    Spring is officially here and I’m elated, although you can’t really tell the change in season from the grey rainy day we’re having today.
    In my haste to shoo away dreary winter and welcome cheery spring, I forgot one unfortunate occurrence that comes with spring: Seasonal Allergies!
    How could I … Continue Reading...

  • Winter is Over

    So what have I been doing with my extra daylight hours?
    Why, I’ve been spending it outdoors of course.

    IMG_1494 IMG_1481

    And as if on cue, the weather has gotten a little warmer.
    I think winter is finally ready to let go of its hold on us.
    I’m ready to come out … Continue Reading...

  • Daylight Saved

    I’m a little tired today, must be the time change.
    On the other hand, the extra hour of daylight enjoyed after work was nice.
    I celebrated with a piece of green-tea banana bread, more on that soon…

    Tue 1 Jun - 5 Tue 1 Jun - 2
    SnackContinue Reading...