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  • Falling Over

    Thu 11 Aug ~ 9

    There are certain moments in life so perfect I wish I could will time to stand still or slow it down a bit.
    Sadly, I don’t always recognize these moments until they’ve passed; then I spend a great deal of my time in yearning.
    I’m in a bit of … Continue Reading...

  • The Happy Season

    Grey Dress

    My heart sank a little this morning when I saw a woman wearing a cardigan over her dress.
    It was barely a month ago when summer begun around here, so I’m a little reluctant to accept its inevitable end.
    I told someone recently of a certain sense of spontaneity that … Continue Reading...

  • Summertime’s in Bloom

    Wed 6 Jul ~ 5
    I’ve just had one of those days; the kind they make songs about, yet somehow being out in the sun kind of makes up for it.
    Someone once told me that there are no bad days in summer, and I’m beginning to understand this – like I had a … Continue Reading...

  • Vintage Blue

    Looking through my recent blog posts, I realize that I haven’t done an outfit post in a while.

    Tue 17 May ~ 7

    I have a friend (who doesn’t?); he’s one of those blunt, says-it-like-he-sees-it types.
    We probably still wouldn’t be friends if we didn’t live thousands of miles away from each other, but he’s … Continue Reading...

  • Outtakes

    I wrote a great long post but then I spent the rest of my evening trying to find the perfect pair of glasses online.
    After my eye-doctor’s appointment this past weekend, I’m ready to let go of my granny glasses, and perhaps move on to some hipster-ish ones.
    I found … Continue Reading...