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  • Smoked Trout & Rice Wrap

    I need to go down south this weekend to replenish my Trader Joe’s stash.
    The closest Trader Joe’s is about an hour away from me, and then there’s the little issue of it being in another country altogether, so who knows how long the line-ups are at the border.

    Trader Joe's Canned Trout
    Smoked Trout Trout Wrap

    I … Continue Reading...

  • Curious Product: Trader Joe’s Macarons

    Chocolate & Vanilla Macarons from Trader Joe's

    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I’m slightly obsessed with Parisian macarons.
    Seriously, my life changed after I tasted Pierre Hermé’s magnificent macarons last September.
    I’ve had plenty a macarons since then looking to capture that glorious taste, and so far, non have come … Continue Reading...