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  • Amaranth and Quinoa with Blood Orange Syrup

    Amaranth and Quinoa with Blood Orange Syrup

    Amaranth and Quinoa with Blood Orange Syrup

    It feels like the sun has been shining brighter these past few days and our sky has taken on the loveliest shade of blue. if it weren’t for the pesky pollen in the air, spring would be my absolute favourite of seasons. A friend sent me a text the other … Continue Reading...

  • Breakfast Farro with Roasted Apple

    Breakfast Farro with Roasted Apple

    Christmas 2015 Christmas 2015

    Breakfast Farro with Roasted Apple

    We’re down to the wire; soon it’ll be Christmas morning!
    I’ve always loved the hushed air that settles around us in the final days to Christmas. The streets were quiet this morning, people seemed nicer and the twinkly Christmas lights under wintery grey skies made for a charming walk to … Continue Reading...

  • Breakfast – Yogurt and Cereal

    Breakfast - Yogurt and Cereal

    For me, spring begins with cherry blossoms, when streets and parks are awash in pink fluffiness – that is when I know spring has arrived.

    I’ve seen a handful of cherry blossoms in my neighbourhood and we’ve been basking in some spring-like weather these past couple of days, all … Continue Reading...

  • Breakfast: Millet Puffs


    I love the stillness of weekend mornings, especially under winter’s calm grey skies when it’s so quiet and so peaceful, and the world is still for a moment.

    I had quiet and tranquil mornings this weekend, a nice pace from the high of the holidays, and in keeping with the … Continue Reading...

  • Toasted & Baked Multi Grain Cereal


    We spent a quiet Mother’s Day at home, a typical Sunday, really.
    We made breakfast; baked multigrain cereal with chocolate chips, and stayed in bed all day reading.
    Breakfast tasted like dessert…
    My mom made us promise we wouldn’t make a fuss this Mother’s Day.
    Last year we made … Continue Reading...