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  • White & Blue

    I had plans this week; I was going to take a lot of pictures outdoors – of cherry blossoms, blue skies and brilliant architecture.
    I should have checked the weather forecast, it’s been raining so far, but not in a dreary and depressing way.
    It a comforting kind of … Continue Reading...

  • The Little Black Dress

    IMG_8353 IMG_8354
    Every time I wear this dress, which isn’t often – I wonder why I don’t wear it regularly.
    The LDB, except technically it’s not black, it’s navy blue and a little more casual and relaxed.
    I’m getting a little tired of winter, our version of winter has been a mish … Continue Reading...

  • Day Off & Those Boots

    I was off sick from work today.
    I woke up this morning feeling a little off, and with all the sick people around me it seemed a good idea to take things easy and get some rest.
    I spent the day watching a combination daytime tv and catching up on … Continue Reading...

  • Community

    I have about two months worth of pictures waiting to be processed.
    I simply can’t keep up – I’ve decided I’m going to plough through them this weekend and process only the ones I like.
    Seriously, I’m still on pictures from May, with the way I’m going, I’ll probably be … Continue Reading...