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  • Stewed Great Northern Beans with Harissa

    Harissa Spiced Great Northern Beans

    Harissa Spiced Great Northern Beans

    Stews are usually my sister’s domain; she makes the tastiest and sauciest stews I’ve ever had, and soups too, savoury and nourishing with comforting heady aromas
    You’ll often find her in our little kitchen, busy cutting and slicing vegetables, stirring them into large sizzling pots, seasoning sauces and cooking up … Continue Reading...

  • Spiced Chickpeas with Harissa and Tamarind

    Spiced Chickpeas

    Spiced Chickpeas

    My friend A often sends me recipes she thinks I should try, usually accompanied by annotations and suggestions.
    Last week she emailed me this fascinating recipe for strawberry crisp that uses rosewater and dried lemons, she said it’s ‘very Ottolenghi’ (read Middle Eastern inspired) and that I should perhaps add … Continue Reading...

  • Hearty Chickpea Stew

    Hearty Chickpea Stew

    I was chatting with my friend K’s daughter the other day about what we’re most looking forward to this Christmas. She of course is excited for presents; last year she got a little sister, I don’t know how her parents are going to top that one. Another thing she was … Continue Reading...

  • Plantain and Beans

    Plantain and Beans

    Plantain and beans; it sounds so exotic now, almost foreign, yet it used to be my favourite food not too long ago.

    This beloved Ghanaian food of fried plantains and stewed beans holds a special place in my heart – sold by street vendors and a staple in homes, it’s … Continue Reading...

  • Stewed Black Beans with Red Palm Oil

    Stewed Black Beans with Red Palm Oil Stewed Black Beans with Red Palm Oil

    A pot of beans simmering away on the stove almost always takes me back to years past when we’d spend our Sundays in the kitchen making soups and stews to last us the week, and although the memories aren’t pleasant, I can’t make beans with red palm oil without thinking … Continue Reading...