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  • Mini Strawberry Galette

    I hesitated to call these galettes because I felt they lacked the refinement of classic galettes. For one, I rolled…

  • Peanut Butter and Marmite Rolls

    Now that we’ve had a proper winter, I’m really looking forward to spring; I hope it’s just as spectacular. Without…

  • Lemon Tea Cakes

    Lemon Tea Cakes – A wonderfully citrusy and aromatic vegan cake, great for breakfast, afternoon tea or as a snack on the go!

  • Savoury Lentil Pie

    A deeply filling and savoury vegan pie, tender and flaky with lentil, tomato, onion and spices!

  • Pesto Swirl Loaf

    Back in the summer when basil was aplenty, I thought about making huge jars of pesto to store for use…