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2010 winter olympics

  • Vectorial Elevation

    You probably don’t want to read another post of how I’m busy and what not, and frankly I don’t want to write about it anymore.
    So I was looking through my photostream this afternoon, I tend to do that when I’m overwhelmed – I step away, take a breather and … Continue Reading...

  • Weekends, Finales & Old Photos

    I just got back from my long weekend of beautiful scenic train rides, wild discoveries and relaxing times.
    I came home, shut myself in and watched the LOST finale – I was happy with the way things ended, I even cried a little.
    While I’m working on the pictures from … Continue Reading...

  • Pictures of Days Gone By

    These pictures were taken on the last day of the Olympics.
    Minutes before the closing ceremony and moments before Canada just barely beat the US to take gold in hockey.
    It was a tense game, the hockey-types called it one of the best games ever.
    The streets were electrifying, the … Continue Reading...

  • Last Days of Winter

    We had balmy weather today; for the first time in a long time I didn’t need a jacket.

    I think I may have broken a sweat on my way home.

    Fri 12 Feb - 1 Fri 12 Feb - 3

    These pictures are actually from months ago… during the Olympics, when it was relatively cold.

    As we had to bundle … Continue Reading...

  • Odds & Bits

    Art Gallery

    I hurried home from work on Friday to catch the opening ceremony of the 2010 Paralympics on TV.

    It was a lovely and inspiring show; I look forward to the next two weeks

    The Paralympics are going to be a mellow and calmer affair than what the Olympics were


    I’m … Continue Reading...