Do you believe in the after-life?

    Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone all your life even though you’ve just met?

    I met Mike on a connecting flight from Dallas to Seattle last month.

    Our original flight had been canceled due to a snow storm and we luckily got a seat on the next departing flight. “It’s not going to be great seats” the attendant warned but we were desperate enough not to care.

    Of course, I had the middle seat in the busiest area of the most crowded plane ever!

    But all was not lost; I sat next to Mike, he offered me a piece of gum and we got talking… for over six hours!

    It turned what could have very well been a horrible traveling experience into an insightfully delightful trip.

    I believe we knew each other in a previous life, I hope anyone on a long tiresome journey finds themselves a Mike to get them through.

    Mike also makes beautiful music; here’s “Heart of Me ” from his first CD “Let Go”

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    Things I’m excited about today:

    ¨ The Apple iPhone – While I’m in no hurry to get one (when it debuts in June), I’m equally excited! We’ve been waiting for this day for years! (Go read about Steve Job’s keynote at Engadget)

    ¨ Plus this is a good thing in the sense that it forces other smart phone manufacturers to up their game, the consumer wins and everyone’s happy.

    ¨ iRiver’s E-Book Reader – When it finally gets around to these parts!

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    First Post!

    I’ve been holding off this very first post, I felt it had to be special, it’s been days and I still can’t come up with anything. So here we go. I’m posting pictures from my run this Saturday instead.


    Inukshuk Inukshuk text

    Burrard Bridge from English Bay

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