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  • Realm of the free

    We came to Sierra Leone two months after my eighth birthday.

    My father looked around wistfully and said, “It’s not Switzerland but they speak English”. For years we’d fall back on that phrase for those not-perfect but manageable situations.

    Most of “my firsts” were in Sierra Leone; my first crush, … Continue Reading...

  • How I spent my Easter Holiday

    I’ve been doing some of out of the ordinary things lately.

    I’m back at work after a short hiatus and it feels different – as if I’ve been gone for months.

    It was another trip down south this weekend. My regular trips to Seattle aren’t just because of my love … Continue Reading...

  • World Politics Watch on Ghana@50

    At independence, Nkrumah envisioned an industrialized and prosperous nation that would be free of deprivation. Back then, Ghana boasted a $400 per capita income, putting it on par with Korea or Malaysia; today, the two Asian economies are nearly five (Malaysia) to almost ten (South Korea) times the size of

    Continue Reading...
  • Do leave occasionally

    I’ve been using Windows Live Writer for a while now (I’ll save that review for another day) and I couldn’t seem to come up with an excuse to use maps until today!

    Every once in a while I like to get away, otherwise I feel a little trapped, then I … Continue Reading...

  • White’s Ferry

    White’s Ferry is one of my favourite places.

    The drive through the little towns and farms almost feels like another country.

    White’s Ferry is basically the only ferry service that still operates on the Potomac River.

    White's Ferry notice

    I love this place. It’s quiet and serene and quite a nice place to … Continue Reading...