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  • Photowalk: Kerrisdale

    About a month ago we were in charming Kerrisdale village visiting the good folks at Kerrisdale Camera.

    Street sign

    For years Kerrisdale’s exact location confused me, I couldn’t wrap my brain around how it could be where they say it is, when (I thought) those areas already belonged to other neighbourhoods. … Continue Reading...

  • Rented Glass

    Strange Plant

    It goes without saying that photography is an expensive hobby.

    Then again hobbies tend to be expensive, last fall I took up crocheting for a minute – I bought $200 worth of yarn one weekend, and a pretty drawer to house them, they still sit, mocking me.

    The cheapest step … Continue Reading...

  • “We aren’t curing cancer with a camera”

    I saw this video on one of the many photography blogs I visit daily.

    The message is powerful and poetic as well as inspiring.

    While I’m no where near the kind of photographers he refers to in this video (well, I’m of those that suck), I still found it engaging … Continue Reading...