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  • Bespectacled


    I haven’t worn contacts since last September, and no, I didn’t have laser eye surgery.
    I merely went back to wearing glasses.
    According to my friend G; there’s never been a better time to wear glasses…

    Warby Parker - Webb
    Two IMG_3248
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  • UP By Jawbone


    These pictures are from November when I first got the Jawbone UP, back then there was so much keenness to try this little bracelet.
    I didn’t mind that I had to go all the way to Mount Vernon to get mine because the at&t store in Bellingham was
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  • Springing Along

    I forget how cruel spring is usually to me in the beginning.
    Being allergic to tree pollen, and living within this blooming lush colourful ‘jungle’ of pollen-producing trees is a little like paradise turning hellish – but just a little.
    Thankfully I don’t have to endure this forever, just a … Continue Reading...

  • To Being Well

    I suspect my immune system has done battle and won (Ha! Winning!)
    This is pretty amazing because for the first time in about a week, I feel fine.
    IMG_1480 IMG_1475

    I took time off at the start of last week because I was feeling crappy.
    And I’ve felt that crappy since then, … Continue Reading...