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  • Happy Christmas Cookies


    My grandmother was an amazing baker, and even though in the short time that I knew her she only baked at Christmas time, there were telltale signs of a lifetime past spent baking.
    There was the wood-fired clay oven that sat under a tarp next to her home, and then … Continue Reading...

  • Roadtrips and Granola

    The Long Road

    I was on a little road trip over the weekend, my roadtripping partner @adjoa and I headed down south for a quick jaunt.
    And although we drove only two and half hours south, there was enough visiting, sightseeing, shopping and eating to last a whole weekend.
    I love road … Continue Reading...

  • Milk and Bucaneve Cookies

    225/365 Milk & Cookies #mostly365

    Today I’m going to tell you about these adorable cookies I found at the Italian store, and my favourite way to snack on them.
    My friend D. told me about these cookies years ago, along with charming stories of the summers he spent in Italy with his grandmother… Continue Reading...