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  • Chocolates from Ghana

    My friend E. sent me a box of Kingsbite chocolate bars last month. He brought these back from his visit to Ghana last year. He’s gone back again vacationing and I hope he brings more and this time, they get to me sooner.


    Kingsbite is manufactured by the mostly state … Continue Reading...

  • The West End Farmers’ Market

    Milling CrowdThe start of the farmers’ market in Vancouver’s West End is a delightful event that signals the start of summer. It’s held every Saturday, starting early June through October – this year’s market opened on Saturday, June 6th.

    Going to the market on Saturday mornings has become a … Continue Reading...

  • Juice Head

    DeliciousI started Juicing about a month ago on weekends. This is my second attempt at juicing and I’m finally getting it right.

    My first attempt was somewhat of a disaster which resulted in the juicer being banished to the farthermost unreachable corner of the kitchen cabinet.

    I don’t think I … Continue Reading...

  • Coconut Milk Ice Cream – A first try

    I held off my decision to go diary-free for several months because I love ice-cream so much!

    I couldn’t imagine life without that luscious delicious treat. When I was younger, my ‘aunt J.’ used to say that ice-cream was the only reason to get out of bed in the morning, … Continue Reading...