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  • Marmite

    MarmiteOne of the many wonderful side effects of (the chemotherapy drug) Doxorubicin is mouth sores.

    My mom has been lucky so far, we’re in Cycle 1 Day 3 and so far side effects have been minimal.

    Of course her hair is totally gone, everyone says her bald head and round … Continue Reading...

  • On growing my own food

    I grew my own food this summer.

    In this era of burgeoning economic woe, food security and food safety concerns, the idea of joining the urban agriculture league didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

    I may not have mentioned this before, but I spent the first seven years of … Continue Reading...

  • Back with a whimper

    I don’t have scientific proof (yet) but I do believe there’s strong correlation between my blogging and running.

    I tend to blog at the same rate I run; hence when I’m not writing chances are I’m not running either.

    I’ve stopped making excuses for my new sedentary life, it’s gotten … Continue Reading...

  • A week in Bento making

    So, it’s been two full weeks of Bento making. I’m still beating myself up for not having thought of this before?

    There’s a little bit more work involved but the payout is totally worth it. Thankfully, Pearlsa loves cooking so I haven’t had to worry myself with that. I’m eating … Continue Reading...

  • My Bento

    Have I mentioned my new diet? I’ve found another passion.

    Well, it’s not really a diet; I’ve been packing my own Bento style lunches and even though it’s slowly taking over my life, I love it!

    Until a couple of weeks ago the only Bento I knew was Portuguese for … Continue Reading...