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  • Hearty Chickpea Stew

    Hearty Chickpea Stew

    I was chatting with my friend K’s daughter the other day about what we’re most looking forward to this Christmas. She of course is excited for presents; last year she got a little sister, I don’t know how her parents are going to top that one. Another thing she was … Continue Reading...

  • Roasted Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Salad

    Roasted Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Salad

    Really, the title of this post should be harissa roasted sweet potatoes, wild rice, arugula and lemony tahini dressing with marmite cashews, because these are the components in this delightful fall time salad, but obviously that is too long a title.

    Sweet potatoes, harissa, tahini, lemons, wild rice, cashews…all … Continue Reading...

  • Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

    Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

    One of the things I love about staying in an apartment while on vacation is having access to a kitchen.

    It’s particularly wonderful if you love to cook, and are in a city like Paris where colourful markets are filled with stalls of tempting produce, cheeses, breads, specialty foods and … Continue Reading...

  • Spiced Rice and Beans

    Spiced Rice and Beans

    I’ve probably made about a million variations of rice and beans, it’s an easy meal to throw together at a moment’s notice, especially if you have some plain rice and beans cooked already.

    I thought about this spiced rice and beans on a long exhausting ride home on one … Continue Reading...