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  • Mini Strawberry Galette

    Mini Strawberry Galette

    Mini Strawberry Galette

    I hesitated to call these galettes because I felt they lacked the refinement of classic galettes. For one, I rolled my dough a tad thick, and I may have piled on the fruit too high.
    Are they some other kind of pie or tart? I don’t know, but I … Continue Reading...

  • Coffee Chocolate Cake

    Coffee Chocolate Cake

    Coffee Chocolate Cake

    This is what I wanted to post for Easter; a modest but alluring chocolate cake with an intensely rich chocolatey flavour. Apparently, something magical happens to chocolate cake when you add coffee to it, but more on that later.
    Despite its humble roots, this coffee chocolate cake feels like … Continue Reading...

  • Strawberry Sauce

    Strawberry Raspberry Sauce
    Strawberry Raspberry Sauce

    A friend and I went on a fun berry picking adventure a few months ago when summer was still full of promise.
    The trek out to the farm took us through bucolic country roads in Ladner, over an old green wooden bridge and onto a charming island with green farmlands … Continue Reading...

  • Coconut Flour Summer Fruit Crumble

    Coconut Flour Summer Fruit Crisp

    Coconut Flour Summer Fruit Crisp Coconut Flour Summer Fruit Crisp

    Summer is my favourite time at the market. There’s this air of rejuvenation with all those colourful produce packed stalls. It’s glorious! I feel like I waited all year to get my hands on luscious berries, stone fruits and melons; no other season inspires such delight. We go to a … Continue Reading...

  • Macarons in Vancouver

    Macarons in Vancouver

    Strawberries & Macarons

    I don’t remember the first time I bit into a macaron, but I’ve always been in love with the delectable dainty treats. A good macaron is special; light, airy and fragranced with a crisp crackly shell and smooth sweet filling. I remember standing in line at the Ladurée on the … Continue Reading...