Wheat Berry Breakfast Porridge

Wheat Berry Breakfast Porridge

October flew by so fast it feels as if I blinked one September morning and November rushed in.

This was supposed to be the lull between the haze of summer and the crazed holiday season, the past two weeks have been a blur of transitions, from coming home and being sick for a few days to settling into the damp grey autumn landscape.

I’m getting back into the swing of things, slowly, I haven’t cooked a proper meal yet – still imagining that black eyed pea stew with harissa, cumin and fried sage… maybe this weekend.

The good news is, I’m managing breakfasts just fine – I’m usually excited for breakfast this time of year because porridges and hot cereals, which I utterly love, are better suited for fall and winter.

Wheat Berry Breakfast Porridge

Porridges are warming, comforting and hearty; ideal for starting off a cold dreary day.

Although I’d heard of wheat berries, I didn’t really discover it until this summer when I had it in an amazingly good salad and it was pleasingly chewy and nutty. I knew I’d love it for breakfast, cooked in a thick, rich, sweet porridge.

This wheat berry breakfast porridge can also be made overnight in a slow cooker too. The ‘berries’ absorb the sweet creamy almond or coconut milk it’s cooked in, it tastes sumptuous.

I love the chewy texture of wheat berries, it has a nice crunch to it, it’s nourishing and keeps me energised throughout the morning.

I grate a little dark chocolate over mine with a little more milk, and it gets chocolaty and yummy

Wheat Berry Breakfast Porridge Wheat Berry Breakfast Porridge
Wheat Berry Breakfast Porridge

Wheat Berry Breakfast Porridge

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