Maple Beach, Point Roberts

Maple Beach, Point Roberts

I love, love our little trips to Point Roberts in the summer!

I’ve written about Point Roberts a few times before – an oddity of a community that belongs to the US but only accessible by land through Canada.

I think I’ve also mentioned how we go to Point Roberts every two months or so, we use a parcel receiving service there for retailers who don’t ship to Canada or charge ridiculous international shipping fees – which is ironic because these parcels pass through Canada first.

It’s usually just another mundane errand, even if it involves border-crossings and declarations.

Maple Beach, Point Roberts

Maple Beach, Point Roberts

The actual drive from downtown Vancouver is less than 40 minutes, but the line-ups at the border can sometimes make it seem like a tedious journey; one rainy Saturday back in April we waited for over an hour

So lately, we’ve taken to parking in Tsawwassen (the Canadian side) and crossing on foot – which I always find fascinating since one of the many peculiar things I wanted to do as a kid when I grew up, was walk to another country, I guess I can cross that one off my bucket list now.

Our other option in the summer has been to pack a snack or lunch, wait patiently to cross and then idle the time away on one of the wonderful beaches in Point Roberts.

Maple Beach, Point Roberts

I love that we get to make a beach day out of what is typically a mundane trip to pick up parcels.

We discovered Maple Beach last year, a lovely beach with such spectacular low tides you can walk the ocean floor or get a tiny island to yourself.

It feels like a little paradise, with its sweeping view of the ocean and Mount Baker; scenic, serene and relaxing.

It’s a wonderful spot to picnic in the summer, or to sit and take in a quiet moment.

Maple Beach, Point Roberts

Maple Beach, Point Roberts Maple Beach, Point Roberts

I love picnicking out here; we usually don’t bring much, sometimes jars of fruits; peaches and strawberries and cherries from the farmers’ market, drinks and a few other snacks – we nibble, read, nap and linger the time away.

We go for walks too…the neighbourhood is charming, almost as if you’ve stepped back a few decades in time; eclectic cottages and cabins, colourful with interesting nautical decorations.

Maple Beach, Point Roberts

Maple Beach, Point Roberts

Maple Beach, Point Roberts Maple Beach, Point Roberts
Maple Beach, Point Roberts
I’m certainly looking forward to our next trip to Maple Beach, Point Roberts.
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  • Reply Katie @ Produce on Parade

    Such beautiful photographs! What fun trip 🙂

    4 August, 2014 at 3:18 pm
  • Reply Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry

    Love the photo’s E and lucky you having such a unique pretty place to visit.

    6 August, 2014 at 11:31 pm
  • Reply Elsa

    Thank you GG! 🙂

    11 August, 2014 at 9:33 am
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