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January 2014

  • Coffee at Thomas Haas Chocolates

    Thomas Haas Chocolates

    I’m not even trying for dramatic effect when I say that I’ve been meaning to go to Thomas Haas for years!

    Seriously, I’ve wanted to visit the café since the first location opened in 2005, back then I used to buy Thomas Haas chocolate bars at the Whole Foods in … Continue Reading...

  • Almond Chickpea Flour Cookies

    Almond and Chickpea Flour Cookies Almond and Chickpea Flour Cookies

    I really like these cookies! I think about them sometimes in the most inopportune times – like while walking through the fog this morning.

    We were awoken by foghorns today; it went off persistently every few minutes until it forced me out of bed, and as the sun shone through … Continue Reading...

  • Black-Eyed Peas and Kale Soup

    Black-Eyed Peas and Kale Soup

    It must have been somewhere between sleep and consciousness when I decided I was going to be eating soups for the first month of this New Year.

    Christmas was just over and we were languidly ensconced in that passing space of nothingness between Christmas and New Year’s while we waited … Continue Reading...

  • Breakfast: Millet Puffs


    I love the stillness of weekend mornings, especially under winter’s calm grey skies when it’s so quiet and so peaceful, and the world is still for a moment.

    I had quiet and tranquil mornings this weekend, a nice pace from the high of the holidays, and in keeping with the … Continue Reading...

  • Spiced Banana Cake

    Spiced Banana Cake

    And so begins a gleaming New Year, inspiring and hopeful; when you think about it, the start of the New Year is a little like mornings, both bearing the optimism of a new beginning, except mornings come around daily.
    My little end-of-year break sadly ended today, and this morning I … Continue Reading...