Nutty Granola

Nutty Granola

I knew this was going to be a nutty granola while mixing cashews, almonds and walnuts pieces into large flakes of rolled oats and steel cut oats.

There was shredded coconut to be added too, and pistachios and sunflower seeds.
A teaspoon or so of hazelnut extract goes into the honey and oil mixture slowly bubbling away on the stove.

Yes, it’s a very nutty granola, topped off with a handful of dried fruit and fruity Os.

Christmas Tree Star

It’s a festive granola too; the morning we put up our Christmas decorations, we had a little feast of granola and yogurt parfaits and sang along to Christmas carols on the stereo.

Our little space feels downright Christmassy, our tree decked out in all the whimsical baubles we’ve collected over the years, and boxes of mini panettones (for dessert Christmas night!), chocolate ornaments and a sparkling red star on top.

We’ve strung lights, set out pretty poinsettias and a few presents have started appearing under the tree.
And now, we wait for Christmas day.

Granola Ingredients Ingredients
Nutty Granola Nutty Granola

I’d hope that this granola would last us through the holidays, but it turned out so good we became slightly obsessed with it, and it just seemed to evaporate!

I would have liked it on Christmas morning – it’s tasty and wholesome, and effortless… just how I like my breakfasts on Christmas mornings.

I love my granola crunchy and nutty – and this granola is just that, chock-full of nuts and smells heavenly, of hazelnuts and coconuts, and with the ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg makes the house smell like the holidays while it’s baking.


I’m really excited for Christmas morning, even though I’m hardly done with my shopping and cutting it really close.
I’m excited for opening presents in our PJs, excited for long conversations with loved ones far, far away, and I’m excited for togetherness and the message of peace the day bears.

I’m excited for breakfast on Christmas morning, I almost want to make this granola again but I’m all out of nuts – the point of this granola was to use of the stash of nuts we’d been hoarding, some of which may have passed their ‘best by’ dates but I used them anyway!

Christmas Decorations Nutty Granola
Nutty Granola

One other item we seem to have lots of is steel cut oats; frankly I don’t know what else to make with steel cut oats besides breakfast porridge and that gets boring after a while.

Adding them to granola I’ve discovered, works out great and imparts a perfectly satisfying crunch.

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to make granola with steel cut oats before, I guess I didn’t think it was possible until I saw this recipe

Now, it’s the only kind of granola I want to make – yes, we’re slightly obsessed, but in a good delicious way.

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