Blueberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Blueberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Looking through my photos from the last few weeks, it occurs to me that I’ve never bought as many ice cream cones as I have this summer, and that somehow makes me happy!

There was something about having a young houseguest around that made me a little nostalgic… for the kind of holidays I wished I’d had as a child, and then I was overcome by this odd desire to make this her (my houseguest’s) best summer ever!

Our to-do list kept growing even as our summer together was winding down. We never got around to all fascinating treats we’d planned to make – scones, pancakes and homemade ice cream.

This is the ice cream I wish we had made together. Maybe because it’s a little unconventional… coconut milk churned until luscious and creamy.

Subtle coconut flavours, sweet blueberries with a splash of lemon to draw out the tartness in the berries, simple and tasty, that’s what this ice cream is all about.

IMG_4319 IMG_4546
IMG_4557 IMG_4325

It’s a beautiful way to use up those plentiful in-season blueberries; I go a step further and pair it with this blueberry galette – because you can never have too much blueberries in the summer, and there’s only so much I can freeze (my freezer is tiny!)

I usually use full-fat coconut milk, but light coconut milk worked just fine, I don’t know if the banana is necessary, but it melds with the vanilla extract for a delectable rich flavour.

This ice cream is a sort of work in progress; I have a lot of ideas for it still.
I like that it’s modest and uses just a few ingredients, maybe next time I’ve blend the blueberries with the coconut milk… maybe I’ll get to make it with my young houseguest next time.

IMG_4332 Ice Cream & Pie
IMG_4574 Blueberry Lemon Galette & Ice Cream

Blueberry Ice Cream &  Bluberry Galette

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